AxioMed to Distribute Total Disc Replacement Device in Australia, Company President Visits Surgeons in Australia as Company Increases International and Domestic Presence

AxioMed is pleased to announce a successful introduction of its viscoelastic disc replacement to several Australian surgeons in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. AxioMed President, Jake Lubinski traveled to Australia to introduce the company’s unique viscoelastic total disc replacement device.

The 10-day trip began shortly after AxioMed received approval by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia to market and sell their cervical and lumbar Freedom Viscoelastic Disc Replacement in that country. The approval, effective immediately, marks an important milestone for AxioMed as the company increases its presence both internationally and domestically in the USA as the company prepares for FDA approval.

The AxioMed viscoelastic disc is a next-generation disc replacement that restores natural disc height, stability, and motion. “AxioMed has differentiated itself as a clear choice for restorative spine motion devices. AxioMed offers superior disc replacement solutions and a long-term plan for the Australian market that is currently saturated with outdated disc replacement options” says Mr. Lubinski. Some highlights that resonated with surgeons during their meetings with AxioMed included the following:

1. The AxioMed disc has been implanted in humans since 2009 and has no reported failures, differentiating it from competing disc replacements that separate or collapse over time.

2. Biomechanical testing data shows the bond between the titanium endplates and viscoelastic core can last 50 years in compression and 80 years in bending.

3. The AxioMed disc’s center of rotation mimic’s the rotation of a natural disc, unlike ball-and-socket disc replacement designs.

4. The single piece viscoelastic core prevents post-operative collapse and maintains lordosis.

5. The wide range of size offerings gives the surgeon more options for patient treatment when compared with fusion devices.

6. Anatomically compatible titanium endplates of the Freedom disc are designed to match vertebral anatomy and eliminate point loading.

About AxioMed 
Founded in 2001, AxioMed ( began its journey of exhaustively proving the Freedom® Disc through clinical studies in the USA and Europe, research, development and testing. In 2014, KICVentures recognized the disc’s enormous potential and acquired the company into their healthcare portfolio. AxioMed owns an exclusive viscoelastic material license on its proprietary Freedom Disc technology.

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