AxioMed's AAOS Event Will Feature Speaker Dr. Mark Reiley - A Prolific Surgeon, Entrepreneur and Champion of Total Segmental Restorative Motion

AxioMed, LLC announced today that Dr. Mark Reiley, an experienced veteran of total segment motion preservation, will speak at a private event hosted by AxioMed during AAOS’s (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons) Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida. The wine and cheese tasting event will occur in a private suite at the JW Marriott, in Orlando on Thursday evening, March 3, 2016 at 8:00 pm, and will give attendees the opportunity to mingle with orthopedic industry leaders from several companies, including AxioMed, Invibio, SpineFrontier and KICVentures, among others. In conjunction with Dr. Reiley’s talk, AxioMed will host a discussion about applying lessons in total joint replacement to spine motion preservation. The topic of discussion will include the latest trends in technology, the evolution of joint replacement and the practice of motion preservation in spine. To RSVP for this event, please email: sarahcook(at)spinefrontier(dot)com.

Dr. Mark Reiley is a board-certified surgeon who did his first total segment motion preservation procedure in Berlin over 10 years ago. Dr. Reiley co-founded Kyphon based on his invention of the Kyphon balloon device to treat fractured vertebrae. Reiley sold Kyphon to Medtronic in 2007. He then founded INBONE Technologies, Inc. in 2008, serving as its Chief Medical Officer. Among other inventions, Dr. Reiley also designed the first and only Total Ankle Replacement (TAR) to use intramedullary guidance. He is also the inventor of the triangular fusion rod and Co-founder of SI-Bone. Dr. Reiley is an international speaker and published author of several books and articles, as well as the winner of the 2008 Phoenix Lifetime Achievement Award in Medicine. AxioMed is honored to have Dr. Reiley lead a discussion on how to achieve total segmental restoration in spine.

Jake Lubinski, President of AxioMed, will give an update on AxioMed Freedom® Total Disc Replacement’s IDE progress. The AxioMed Freedom Disc is a single-piece total disc replacement with a proprietary, viscoelastic polymer core that mimics the flexibility and stiffness of a human vertebra. This next-generation technology is the only one of its kind on the market. So far, the Freedom Cervical Disc has completed a European post-market study. The USA Lumbar IDE, started in 2008, has just finished a two year follow-up. Visit this article for more information about the Freedom Disc clinical studies.

European surgeons who use the Freedom Disc have been pleased with its results. Dr. Hausmann, an EU neurosurgeon and early adopter of the Freedom Disc says, "My patients had no side effects...I am very happy with the two-year results of the disc...The AxioMed disc has a better range of movement than the ball-and-socket discs."

About AxioMed

Founded in 2001, AxioMed ( began its journey of exhaustively proving the Freedom® Disc through research, development and testing. In 2014, KICVentures recognized the disc’s enormous potential and acquired the company into their healthcare portfolio. AxioMed owns an exclusive viscoelastic material license on its proprietary Freedom Disc technology.

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KICVentures ( manages several portfolio companies (including AxioMed, LLC), investing in disruptive technology in the health-tech sector. KICVentures acquires, creates, and nurtures companies and their technologies to their fullest potential.